Getting kids to read – book series to the rescue

There is nothing better than a series to get reluctant readers hooked on books and reading. If they read the first one and they love it, they’re hooked! But how do you know which series are good and which ones kids will like?

There are a few ways round this dilemma. Firstly, approach your town library or ask us here at school. We have a few suggestions of series for most kids. Secondly, head to a  bookshop and look at the shelves. You’ll find the series grouped together and it should make choosing easy. Thirdly, use the internet to search for popular book series. Try  bookseller websites such as Readings or Kinokuniya. They both have great suggestions to get your reluctant reader turning the pages. Finally, ask your child! They have often heard of books they want to try, so give them the opportunity to read them.

This list may contain some suggestions: they are series I have not really heard of, but will be looking for a few of them next time I’m in the bookshop.

Do YOU have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Book Series

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