Graphic Novels – and MORE

On my last trip to Sydney I decided to focus on tracking down books I thought our Stage 2 and 3 boys would enjoy. I spent many hours in Kinokuniya asking everyone, from shop assistants to 10 year old boys shopping for books, what they thought 8 – 12 year old boys would enjoy in the way of graphic novels.

Bone came back a winner, as did Adventure Time. I’ve added the first in each series to test the waters.

Bone is a very popular work, highly regarded by those who love graphic novels. In fact, in 2005, Time called BONE one of the ten greatest graphic novels of all time. High praise!


The other graphic novel I bought is Adventure Time. It is based on a tv cartoon of the same name and is incredibly popular.


I also bought two books from new series that have recently been released. The first is Predator Cities – Mortal Engines. In these books, giant cities on wheels hunt and destroy other cities. In the first book London is on the move, hunting smaller cities to canbibalise for parts and people to turn into slaves. The books are dark and gritty, set in a distant future. They are well written.

mortal engines

The last book is Spooks Apprentice, a well-told fantasy. It centres around the constant battles to defeat “spooks” – ghosts, goblins, witches and boggarts – and keep the County safe. Only one person is left to stand up to them, but even he isn’t sure he’s up to the challenge!


They’ll be appearing on shelves soon!

Garth Nix talks about writing

Garth Nix is a favourite in our library. Many students enjoy his Keys To The Kingdom series, as well as those perennial favourites Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen. He has a new series called Troubletwisters and in this interview he talks about the writing process. It’s interesting to read about how authors approach writing a book, especially a great writer like Nix.

click on the link below to read the interview

Garth Nix – The Way We Work

Garth Nix and Sean Williams – photo via Readings